Why VitaChocs​

A Delightful Taste Experience

VitaChocs bars give you that flavour perk you don’t usually find in other chocolate bars. The enhanced flavour comes from the essential oil that has been infused into it, creating a sensory experience of the rich, bitter notes of pure chocolate and the aromatic and nuanced flavors of essential oils.

A Formula for Wellness

The health properties of all-natural bean-to-bar chocolate such as antioxidants and flavonoids are combined with the aromatherapeutic benefits of essential oils such as relaxation, aid in sleeping and digestion support.

No Added Colourings or Preservative

What you see is what you get. Our chocolates are free of preservatives, colourings and chemicals. And we use only raw, unrefined sugar and natural essential oils for flavourings Worry less and enjoy VitaChocs guilt-free!

An Array of Health Benefits

With each snap off a VitaChocs bar, you’ll get a whiff of that essential oil it has been infused with. Following which, your palate will taste that tantalising, calming or even energising feeling, whether it be peppermint, lemon, or any of the other flavours. Drop after drop of essential goodness in each bar. But let’s not stop there. VitaChocs also has selected added nutrients that play a part in elevating your health and improving your sleep, digestion or focus, depending on the bar that you choose, unless, you can’t choose, but want them all.

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